• Make disk images, restore points, and backups of files and registry keys to repair your system if you fuck things up.
  • Acronis TrueImage: Remove context (right-click) menu entries for drives and partitions  
Open regedit and delete HKCR\CLSID\{C539A15A-3AF9-4c92-B771-50CB78F5C751}

  • Alcohol 120%: Rootkit (false alarm)  
Alcohol 120% installs a rootkit to prevent detection by DRM software.
If you run programs like RootkitRevealer, the following registry keys are not due to malicious software:


  • AOL: Remove it  
AOL is a bitch to uninstall, because the uninstaller leaves lots of junk behind. To remove all of AOL use

  • AVG Anti-Virus: On-demand only  
To use AVG Anti-Virus as on-demand scanner:

- Delete its startup entry from the registry
- Disable the AVG Alert Manager Service
- Set the AVG Update Service to manual

  • AVG Anti-Virus: Update without launching the full program or running the built-in scheduler  
Run the updater:
"\[path to avg program folder]\avginet.exe"

Run the updater without confirmation screens:
"\[path to avg program folder]\avginet.exe" /sched=

You can put these commands in shortcuts or batch files and drop 'em in your startup folder or add them to XPs built-in task scheduler.

  • Comodo Firewall: Forgets your program settings  
If Comodo keeps asking you to allow traffic for the same application, it may be because that app is launched by different programs, and Comodo wants you to specify a "parent program" over and over again. For example, your web browser can be launched directly, by your email program, by your instant messenger, etc.

Solution: use Comodo version 3 or newer. If you want to use version 2,
go to the Application Monitor tab in Comodo, and select "Skip parent check" for your browser(s).

  • Comodo Firewall: K-Meleon compatibility  
If K-Meleon doesn't work with Comodo running, you may need to allow outbound and inbound traffic for K-Meleon. 

  • Firefox: Speed it up  
Open Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar. 

To make Firefox free up memory when you minimise it, set config.trim_on_minimize to true.
If it doesn't exist, make a new Boolean, call it config.trim_on_minimize and set the value to true.
This is especially useful when surfing sites with badly coded Flash, such as

To make menus open faster, make a new integer called ui.submenuDelay and set to 0 (zero).

  • Kazaa: Remove all traces of Kazaa with Kazaabegone  
Kazaa is bundled with ad- and spyware, and its network is polluted with fakes and viri due to an inadequate hashing method.

KCeasy is a clean, open source alternative which connects to different P2P networks (including Kazaas FastTrack network with this plugin).

Kazaabegone cleans up the mess left behind by Kazaas uninstaller. It's available as a stand-alone program and as BFU (Brute Force Uninstaller) plugin from

  • K-Lite (mega) codec pack: inaudible voice in movies  
If you play multi-speaker content (e.g. 5.1 sound) on a stereo setup, voice (which is supposed to come out of the center speaker) can be inaudible.

Open the audio decoder configuration control panel, click "mixer," and select "2/0 stereo."


  • K-Meleon: Don't ask to install fonts  
Tell K-Meleon not to keep asking to install japanese, chinese, or korean fonts:

1) Load about:config from the URL bar
2) Right-click, create a new Boolean called font.askWhenNeeded and set to false
3) Restart K-Meleon to make it pick up the new setting

  • K-Meleon: Foxit PDF Reader compatibility  
If the K-Meleon browser doesn't open PDF files in Foxit reader:

  • K-Meleon: Video download macro  
You can save videos from sites like youtube, google video, etc. with
You can add a "save video with keepvid" right-click entry to K-Meleon with the macro on

  • Norton: Remove all traces of Norton AntiVirus and other Norton junk  
Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security are underperforming overpriced resource hogs that should be avoided like the plague.
AVG Anti-Virus and Avast! do a better job than Norton for free.

This tool from Norton claims to remove all traces of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton Ghost, and a bunch of other Norton junkware:

A tool to remove Norton AntiVirus, Norton Security Center, Norton Ghost, and other junk:

To clean up the mess left behind by the Norton AntiVirus uninstaller:

  • RootkitRevealer: False alarm  
HKLM\Security\Policy\Secrets\SAC* (part of XP)
HKLM\Security\Policy\Secrets\SAI* (part of XP)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\32418F9EE1126B64A90E8365B85CFCF6\ProductName (part of Alcohol 120%)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{E9F81423-211E-46B6-9AE0-38568BC5CF6F}\DisplayName (part of Alcohol 120%)
HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\vax347s\Config\jdgg40 (part of Alcohol 120%)

  • Shareaza: eD2k low ID fix  
1) Make sure your network admin or ISP did not block inbound ports. If they did, then you'll have to live with a low ID.
2) Click "connection" in the Shareaza settings and enter a 5-digit port number below 65535. Do NOT select "random."
3) Open/forward the port in your firewalls and/or routers if you have any. Port forwarding tutorials for almost all routers on
4) Connect Shareaza to eD2k and check that your Shareaza port is really open on If it isn't, go back to step 1.
5) Low ID with open port? Disconnect from eD2k, hit F9 to open "Discovery Services," right-click and make sure only "Show server met's" is checked, then delete all Server met's.
6) Hit F8 to open the Host Cache, select "eDonkey Cache," select all eDonkey hosts, and delete 'em all.
7) Quit Shareaza, restart, and connect to eD2k.

  • Shareaza: Gnutella1 connection fix  
1) Delete bad hosts:
a) Hit F8 to open the Host Cache
b) Click "G1 cache"
c) Highlight all hosts, right-click, and select "Remove"

2) Refill the hosts cache:
a) Hit F9 to open the Discovery Services window
b) Highlight all the entries labeled "Bootstrap," right-click, and select "Remove"
c) New "Bootstrap" entries will appear. Right-click them one by one and select "Query Now"
d) Repeat steps b and c if the host cache stays empty

3) If Shareaza only finds "empty" bootstrap services:
a) Right-click in the Discovery Services window and select "Add Service"
b) Add one (or all) of these (make sure to select Gnutella Bootstrap from the dropdown menu):

    or pick one or more "uhc" URLs from*checkout*/shareaza/trunk/Data/DefaultServices.dat
    or add one (or all) of these (make sure to select GWebCache from the dropdown menu):

c) Right-click the new entries and select "Query Now"

  • Shareaza: ZoneAlarm memory leak  
The eD2k (eDonkey) network generates a lot of UDP traffic which makes vsmon.exe (part of ZoneAlarm) eat up more and more RAM until ZoneAlarm or your entire system crashes.
Solution: get rid of ZoneAlarm and use Comodo.

  • Skype: Reduce echo  
1) Open the volume control panel.
2) Click options/properties, check the "playback" checkbox, and make sure "microphone" is checked.
3) Mute the microphone
4) Click options/properties, check the "recording" checkbox, and make sure "microphone" is checked.
5) Make sure the microphone is not muted for recording (only for playback).

  • ZoneAlarm: Delete big log files  
ZoneAlarm log files in \Windows\Internet Logs\ can get horribly big. Especially tvDebug.log keeps growing and growing.

Files you can delete: tvDebug.log, ZAlog.txt, BACKUP.RDB, xDB.tmp, fwdbglog.txt, fwpktlog.txt
Do NOT delete: IAMDB.RDB, *.ldb, safePrograms.xml

tvDebug.log can not be deleted while ZoneAlarm is running.
Workaround: create an empty text file, rename it to tvDebug.log, and drag it into ZAs internet logs folder.

Or get rid of ZoneAlarm and use Comodo.

  • ZoneAlarm: Memory leak when using eDonkey  
The eD2k (eDonkey) network generates a lot of UDP traffic which makes vsmon.exe (part of ZoneAlarm) eat up more and more RAM.
Solution: get rid of ZoneAlarm and use Comodo.

  • ZoneAlarm: Searching drives & folders  
If you block internet access for explorer.exe, you'll get the error message:
  There was a problem sending the command to the program
when you hit 'search' from the right-click menu of a drive or folder.

To repair this, either give explorer.exe access to the internet, or give it access to the 'trusted zone' and add and/or (both point to your own computer) to the trusted zone.
Or get rid of ZoneAlarm and use Comodo.

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