• Make disk images, restore points, and backups of files and registry keys to repair your system if you fuck things up
• Run your virus scanner on anything you download from anywhere
• Check out | aumha | bv xp services | techguy forums | tweakxp | winforumz
Thou shalt not hard-code anything into thy executables that thy paying customer might wish to customise.
• lots of useful programs to get the most out of xp

• tiny little files, scripts and apps that make windows do what you want

accounts & domains
• how to connect to domains with xp home and other tricks for administrators

files & folders
• rescue inaccessible & deleted files and other file and folder tricks

installation, activation
• lost your xp cd or activation key?

• surf faster, surf anonymously, break through firewalls and routers, surf to sites banned by your network administrator

look & feel
• xp is ugly, but with a few simple tricks...

remove xp components
• get rid of "uninstallable" microsoft junk like outlook express, windows genuine advantage, etc.

repair xp
• broken windows? computer won't start?

security, passwords
• how to keep others out and how to let yourself in if you forgot the keys

sound & video
• remove unwanted sounds, repair broken sound or video

speed up xp
• windows runs like quicksand unless you tell it to go faster

• manage drives, drivers, the registry, startup programs, and tame windows update

xp services
• xp runs all kinds of things in the background which slow down your computer, but you can make it lean and mean

microsoft programs
• fix
issues with microsoft fax, internet explorer, office, messenger, notepad, media player, etc.

other programs
• fix
issues with your firewall, virus scanner, your web browser, shareaza and other p2p apps, skype, and other programs


Don't forget to install these absolutely necessary required M$ Windows XP ® critical security updates:
310510 (Snow White), 172653 (Barney), 281923 (Gray Hair), 276304 (18770 Character Password)

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