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for Nokia and other mobile phones with Symbian S60 3rd ed.
online theme editors
mobile9 Near-useless simple buggy online theme editor. Log in with a password from bugmenot.
OwnSkin Buggy online theme editor with lots of features. Log in with a password from bugmenot.

theme builder
Carbide Nokia's resource hog with an interface designed by a bunch of braindamaged idiots. Possibly the worst program I ever installed.

theme utilities
Theme Rename Give your themes a clear, descriptive name
Theme Scheduler The themes they are a-changin'.
Themes Launcher Bring back the missing Themes shortcut on new Nokia phones.

theme forum
• MMC Forums Login passwords on bugmenot.

theme artists
AhmedAx ThemesbabiBandezBlue RayDastgirDhanusaudFlahornfors60ICEmanIlliKimiLarssonLawandLucaPMobile ThemesNaHiDp@scoPiZeroRuggeSpectrum7Taieb ToXic

theme collections
symbian themes

favorite themes of symbian underground

Black Swirls
by NaHiD

by ICEman

Steel Black 2.1 Blue
by Ax

BlueSpyro by babi
also in red

by ICEman

Blue Equalizer V2
by Taieb (fp1)

Stealth by PiZero
in different shades of black (fp1)

Jeko by babi
also in green (fp1)

by giambi (fp1)

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