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Live from Amsterdam: full-length concerts from Paradiso & De Melkweg

Living Colour
Paradiso, Amsterdam, November 1, 2004

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1 Type
2 In Your Name
3 Funny Vibe
4 A ? Of When
5 Middle Man
6 Sacred Ground
7 Memories Can't Wait
8 Terrorism
9 Go Away
10 Ignorance Is Bliss
11 Flying
12 Solos
13 Open Letter (To A Landlord)
14 Love Rears Its Ugly Head
15 Time's Up
16 Glamour Boys
17 Cult Of Personality
18 Back In Black

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Mick Jagger supposedly discovered Vernon Reid's hard rock band Living Colour when they played New York's famous CBGB club in 1987. The old Rolling Stone produced the young band's debut album Vivid, a funk rock metal mashup with guest appearances by Public Enemy's Chuck D. and Flavor Flav. Not surprisingly, racism is a major theme of Living Colour's songs. The band split after Time's Up and Stain, their most politically loaded album, and got back on track in 2000 after a five year pause.
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