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Live from Amsterdam: full-length concerts from Paradiso & De Melkweg

Jaga Jazzist
Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 14, 2005

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1 All I Know Is Tonight
2 Stardust Hotel
3 Reminders
4 Day
5 Suomi Finland
6 I Have a Ghost, Now What?
7 Toxic Dart
8 Swedenborgske Rom
9 Amsterdam Syline
10 Airborne
11 Animal Chin
12 I Could Have Killed Him in the Sauna

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Jaga Jazzist is a ten piece band built around the two frontmen of norwegian pop act The National Bank. Jazzy rock that doesn't sound at all like the classic jazzrock from the 1970s, because Jaga Jazzist is a rock band that borrows from jazz instead of the other way around. Former London lifestyle rag Sleazenation tastefully described the band "like Charles Mingus with the aphex twin stuck up his arse." At times dangerously close to elevator music, but then the drummer comes to the rescue by banging everyone awake.
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