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Live from Amsterdam: full-length concerts from Paradiso & De Melkweg

Bloc Party.
Paradiso, Amsterdam, December 3, 2005

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1 So Here We Are
2 Positive Tension
3 Banquet
4 Blue Light
5 She's Hearing Voices
6 The Marshalls Are Dead
7 Luno
8 This Modern Love
9 Like Eating Glass
10 Little Thoughts
11 Helicopter
12 Two More Years
13 Price of Gas
14 Pioneers
15 The Answers

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Is there a way to make The Cure sound as if they're not going to kill themselves? Sure there is. When singer Kele Okereke (voice like Robert Smith) met guitarist Russell Lissack at the Reading Festival of 1999, they decided to start a band, talked a drummer and a bass player into it, and began making post punk inspired by The Cure (and Joy Division, and New Order, and Sonic Youth), but with a dancable rhythm and a happy twist. Okereke even laughs on stage, and jokes with the audience. The 1980s are definitely over. Smile!
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