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• Why root?

- Use DroidWall (firewall for Android) to prevent unwanted data traffic, for example to stop apps from downloading ads.
- Use AdAway to block ads from apps and websites.
- Run LBE Privacy Guard or Permissions Denied to control apps that want too much.
- Make screenshots, which for some reason requires root access on Android versions up to 2.2 (Froyo).
- Backup/restore your entire phone memory.
- Move apps to SD card on Android 2.1 and older.
- WiFi tethering: connect your computer over the 3G connection of your phone, even if your carrier doesn't support tethering.
- Stop apps from starting up automatically. Useful to tame the junk apps that you can't uninstall because they came preloaded on your phone.
- Remove all those built-in ringtones that you never use so they don't clutter the list of ringtones that you do use.
- Overclock your phone processor to make it faster, undervolt it to make your battery last longer.
- Install custom firmware versions ("ROMs").
- And many more reasons.

• How to root?

All phones:

Universal root guides:
- The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Rooting Any Android Phone on lifehacker.
- How To Root Your Android Phone/Device guide on addictivetips.

Semi-universal root tool:
- Easy Rooting Toolkit by DooMLoRD (requires a PC with Windows).

Root Gingerbread and Froyo:

GingerBreak roots phones with Gingerbread. It also works for Froyo, but not on every phone. GingerBreak can root and unroot, which can be useful if you have to remove root access to get your phone serviced under warranty. It works straight from your phone, no computer needed.

This special version of Super OneClick roots your Mototola Defy with old firmware (Eclair). This requires a PC with Windows and .NET, so use GingerBreak for Froyo and Gingerbread.

• How to unroot?

You may need to remove all traces of rooting if you have to get your phone serviced under warranty.

Unroot from Super OneClick

GingerBreak has unrooting built in.

Don't want to use an app? You can unroot manually by deleting these files from your phone memory (not your memory card):

/system/bin/ busybox

Use a free file manager with root access like ES File Explorer or File Expert to delete these files.

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